Why People Get Married Or Live Together


Focusing on relationships we would like to say a few words for those who want to live together, get married, and stay in a long-term relationship. Which are the reasons that lead them to such a decision? Nowadays, being single is an option so we cannot claim that people do not have a choice. Let’s see which are the most common reasons for marriage in our modern society.

  1. The role of the religious background
    Many people have strong beliefs about God or anything that could be considered as a religious background. It is normal for those people to want their life to be blessed by God. Apart from a social event, the wedding is the time where people are joined under the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Marriage exists in almost all religions and this is because the joint of two people is magical. Religion could not step this important part of people’s lives so it included it in the form of marriage, where people get united in front of God. No matter, which the religion of the couple is, everyone has a way to take that promise with God being the witness of it.
  2. Attempting financial and social security
    We all know that marriage has many levels in which it can be translated, one of which is the legal status and the financial security it can provide to the partners. It is a common practice that people would use from ancient times. Marriages between people meant growing their fortune and being protected by the legal rights the law provides for the married couples. It is a form of an alliance that is colored by feeling and the possible existence of offsprings.
  3. A safe environment to grow children
    Being married means a whole bunch of stuff. For many people getting married has absolutely no sense unless you want to have a family. Getting married also implies that you come in a monogamic relationship which is a perfect environment for a child to grow. Kids need stability and having a single mom and a single dad is important for them. The gender of their parents doesn’t play role in their upgrading as scientists believe, however, the stability of the people they will consider to be their parents is important. This is what marriage comes to seal in the relationship between two people.
  4. They want to declare their love for one another
    Some people get married while they are in love. It is a state where they want to spread the news to the world. Marriage is a romantic statement of that mutual love between two people who share these wonderful feelings. If heaven exists on Earth, it is when we are in love and a proper wedding is a perfect chance to signal this occasion. Weddings that take place under these circumstances are usually very pleasant for the guests as well since the positive atmosphere embraces the whole crowd. Besides, getting married lets other people know you have found the love of your life and there is no place for others in your life. This works on the other way round as well. It means your partner has found someone too.
  5. They want to be together forever
    Relationships can be tiring and struggling with monogamy may sound challenging for some people but there are also those who are sick of breaking up and getting their pieces back together once they overcome their last breakup. Being in a long-term relationship protects them from the danger of getting hurt and distracted by their own emotions and provides a safe environment to let them deal with other important parts of their lives such as their careers.
  6. They want to make a statement to their other half
    Marriage is an oath. It is a statement you say to the words, an oath you give to God, and a statement you make to your other half also. It is about letting them know how valuable they are in your life and how important you consider their presence to letting them have you forever. It is a way to provide sentimental security to your partner and receiving that back in the form of mutual inet=rest and respect. For many people, it is important and necessary to feel comfortable and secure.

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