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Food is the easiest way to make ourselves happy. Consuming a delicious meal releases serotonin in our brain, which is the hormone that makes us happy. Some scientists claim that a person is more likely to survive without food for a serious period of time rather than without serotonin. No matter how hard things get we will always seek some breaks of pleasure. The food industry has a lot of options to offer to businessmen and below are presented the most profitable.

  1. Bubble tea
    Bubble tea is perhaps the most profitable business in the food and beverage industry. The high demand customers show for the specific product also guarantees that you will not stay out of business. It is recommended that you combine this shop with other specialties. Sophisticated teas from India and fine quality coffees from Latin America will turn this shop into a hot spot. Bubble tea is very popular in the United States and sells like crazy. Besides, you don’t have to do any significant training for the employees to make this special tea because it is super easy. On the other hand, you need to sell a lot because the price of the product and the profit for each cup of tea are relatively low.
  2. Spices
    The spices industry is quite profitable because the price of the raw materials is very low. What will play an important role for your store whether it is a physical or an online store is the décor. For a physical store, you will have to care a lot about the details of the decoration, while for an online shop, you have to pay extra attention to photos. Since spices are not something one can consume in large quantities you have to find ways to increase the price and add value to your product. The experience will be the key to your sales for this product.
  3. Ice cream
    It has been decades since scientists considered fat was responsible for many diseases of modern society. This has led clients to turn to sugar. Our civilization consumes sugar more than ever before. In addition, sugar has proven to be very addictive and selling products that have sugar will never let you out of business. To sell ice cream you will of course need some equipment and therefore the cost of your initial investment will increase but numbers say it is also quite profitable. The product is seasonal so you have to take into consideration the place where you are setting your business; it has to be a relatively warm place so that you have customers most of the year. Again, no difficult process to produce it is required. Just follow the recipe and mix low-cost ingredients. In the meanwhile, if the market is overwhelmed you can provide alternatives, like handmade ice cream and differentiate. Besides, ice cream can take many forms, just play with your imagination and add color to your store to attract kids.
  4. Pasta
    Pasta is also quite popular. It is easy to digest and provides energy to the body. Kids love them and going for pasta is a nice option for families. The good thing about this product is that prices can be higher than in the beverages industry while the cost of producing is not high. You don’t have to pay for expensive stuff such as meat. At the same time, you should need some time to prepare each order which means the cost to pay your employees will be increased. Another plus in this industry is that you can create recipes that will help you stand out from the competition. If pasta is handmade you can also add a little extra to the price. Also, you can provide fresh pasta which is super easy and people will love it.
  5. Personal chef business
    Personal chefs prepare carefully selected meals for individuals and businesses. Their creations are accompanied by proposals regarding the wine or beverage the customers should order to drink with their meals. The prices in these restaurants are of course higher, leaving a further profit margin to businessmen. The most pricy part of this business will be the human resources, meaning the chefs who will create the recipes and be paid like artists.

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